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 California State University, Fullerton



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Terry Giles Scholars


Other Fullerton debaters may have won more rounds than Terry Giles or made if further at the national championships, but it is undeniably true that no Fullerton debater has ever given more back to the team than Terry Giles.

After a successful debate career through his junior year, Terry Giles was unable to continue on the squad his senior year due to financial reasons.  He spent the year working and finishing school instead.  He graduated and had a legal and business career of monumental stature which culminated in, among other things, becoming the youngest person ever to receive the Horatio Alger award.

More impressive than his accomplishments is Terry's fidelity to his roots.  Since 1985, Terry has been supporting CSUF debaters with scholarships so that they can have the opportunities that he did not during his senior year.

This page is a testament to Terry Giles and the tremendously powerful impact he's had on generations of CSUF debaters.  Here we trace the lives Terry has touched, the opportunities he's created, and the successes that have followed.  The return on his investment is vast and varied: The list at present (Winter 2009) includes 5 professors, 6 people in business or industry, 6 students or grad students, 2 authors or journalists, and 4 people with or pursuing law degrees.

Jon Bruschke; 4-time NDT qualifier and double-octofinalist in 1988.  He has earned his doctorate, is the current Director of Forensics at CSUF, and a leading national authority on pretrial publicity.

Chris Daley; 4-time NDT qualifier.  Currently runs his own internet-based business ( ).

Eric Garcia; NDT qualifier.  Currently associate faculty at Irvine Valley College.

Caleb Feeler; 2-time NDT qualifier.   Currently works in the construction business.

Amy Dempster; NDT qualifier and CEDA elim participant.  Currently a graduate student in Women's Studies at Rutgers.

Laura Heider-Coulter; was a first-round debater and top-10 speaker at the NDT.  She is now an author and youth minister in Birmingham, Alabama.

Cameron Ward; 4-time NDT qualifier and NDT quarterfinalist.  Cameron is a  coach for the very successful Fullerton High School team, Cameron also became a certified music technician through the Berkeley School of music.  He was featured in the 2004 College Sports TV documentary on the NDT.  He is currently seeking a full-time career in the music business.

Bill Neesen; Bill competed on the top CSUF team in 2000.  He received an MA degree and is currently coaching debate at the collegiate level at Long Beach State.

Rachel Bentley; a 1996 Miss California candidate, Rachel competed on the top team at CSUF in 2000.  Debating with Bill Neesen, she narrowly missed qualifying for the NDT.  She is currently a doctoral candidate at UCLA.

Toni Nielson; multiple NDT qualifier and CEDA quarter-finalist.  Toni earned her MA degree from Long Beach State and has returned to CSUF as the Co-Director of Forensics.  Toni is a leading voice for performance debate, and a sought-after instructor.  She was awarded the Critic of the Year at the 2009 Towson JV National Tournament as was named the Southern California CEDA region Critic of the Year in the same season.

RJ Dolbin; CEDA quarter-finalist.  Currently a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at UC Riverside.

Josh Clark; NDT quaterfinalist; CEDA semi-finalist; 3-time NDT qualifier.  After very successful runs as a high school coach at Damien and Notre Dame, he is currently a high school coach in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Carrie Hyde; former Individual Events competitor.  Currently owns a successful pet grooming business.

Brenda Montes; 3-time NDT qualifier, 3-time NDT top-20 speaker, first-round recipient, Kentucky round-robin invitee.  Currently a law student at UCLA.

Randy Seidman; 2-time NDT qualifier.  Currently a successful music manager and DJ, he has been the tour manager for at least 8 major bands ( )

Megan Smith; novice debater.  Completed law school at UCLA and currently works as an Associate with Klinedinst PC in Sacramento.

Joy Collymore; novice debater and individual event competitor.  After a nearly two-year stint as a Saturday Night Magazine contributor, Joy launched her own gossip blog which receives over 1.5 million page views/ month. She hopes to launch another website in 2010 and macro manage both sites. In the future she aspires to do more traveling, work with various charities, or start her own non-profit organization.

Tannise Collymore; novice debater and individual event competitor.  Currently the Administrative Support Assistant in the Anthropology Department at CSUF.

Danielle Ford; novice debater.  Currently a 3rd-year law student.

Luis Magallon; 3-time NDT qualifier, 3-time NDT top-20 speaker, first-round recipient, Kentucky round-robin invitee.  Currently a CSUF MA candidate.

Parija Patel; NDT qualifier and CEDA elim-round participant.  Currently preparing for law school.

Pooja Chopra; NDT qualifier and CEDA elim-round participant.  Currently pursuing a degree in Communicative Disorders.

Lisa Ho; varsity debater and CSUN 4th speaker.  Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Asian Studies at UCLA.

Louis Blackwell; varsity debater and featured competitor on the Resolved documentary.  Currently successful manager of an electronics store.

Patricia Cato-Young; individual events competitor.  Currently an Emergency Room Nurse; volunteered for Hurricane Katrina relief.

Danny Stambaugh; CEDA elim-round participant.  Currently completing a CSUF degree.