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College of Communications Organizational Chart

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Greetings from the Dean

Dean William Briggs

Dr. S. Irene Matz

A warm welcome to the College of Communications Website!  As your Interim Dean of the College, it is my pleasure to welcome freshmen, transfer and continuing students to the Fall 2014 semester.  Our primary goal for the College is to support you on your educational journey by offering advisement, counsel, scholarships, internships, engagement and encouragement.   

Education is the one permanent part of your life that can never be taken from you.  Money, material possessions, relationships and health can all dissipate, but the degree after your name remains constant.

Whether you began your college courses straight from high school or took a nontraditional path, it is a tribute to you and your values that you are investing in your education at Cal State University, Fullerton; and I am especially pleased that you are majoring in the College of Communications.

Our faculty are dedicated to offer a rigorous education, currency in their field and groundwork for your career. Visit your professors during their office hours; get to know them and let them know you.

The faculty, staff and administrators all join me in welcoming you and letting you know that we support you.  It is our joy to watch you advance through your education – classes and semesters – and we can’t wait to see where your education will lead you into your career.  Follow your passion and each day will be a discovery into your future.

Please drop by my office, Dean’s Suite in College Park 450, and say hello.  I care!

Communication faculty teach students for a lifetime career and not just a job!


College of Communications’ Beginnings

The School of Communications was formed in 1988 and later became a College in 1999.  The College includes three departments, a Department of Communications, a Department of Human Communication Studies and a Department of Radio-TV-and Film.  The Deans, who served the College, are listed below.

  • 1988 – 1991             Dr. David Sachsman from Rutgers University
  • 1991 – 1995            Dr. Elizabeth Mechling from Cal State University, Hayward
  • 1995 – 2010           Dr. Rick Pullen from Cal State University, Fullerton
  • 2011 – 2014           Dr. William Briggs from Cal State University, San Jose
  • 2014 – present      Dr. S. Irene Matz from Cal  State University, Fullerton

The College has 72 full-time faculty positions serving a student population of approximately 3,900 majors.  There are many career choices and areas of study in the College.  In the Department of Communications, you can concentrate in advertising, entertainment studies, journalism, photocommunications and public relations.  We offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.   In the Department of Human Communication Studies, you can focus in argumentation and persuasion, intercultural, interpersonal or organizational communications and earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  You can also major in Communicative Disorders in either speech pathology or audiology earning an undergraduate and graduate degree.  In the Department of Radio-TV or Film, you can focus in criticism, industry, production or writing.  The Department offers a master’s degree (MFA) in screenwriting.

Minors are offered in advertising, journalism, public relations, radio-tv-film and communication studies.


The Department of Communications is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.  The Communicative Disorders program in the Department of Human Communication Studies is accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  The Public Relations Concentration holds Certification for Education in Public Relations (CEPR) from the Public Relations Society of America.

Meet Your Associate Dean


Dr. Ed Fink

I join Dr. Matz in welcoming you to the College of Communications. As your interim associate dean, I am here to assist in any way I can with the smooth operation of the college. Please click around the tabs up top to learn more about our three departments, our centers and clinics, information for students and alumni, and more. If you have questions about our college, please call the dean’s office, 657-278-3355, or come by the dean’s suite, CP-450.


Special Programs and Centers  

  •   Center for Children Who Stutter

  •   Center for Entertainment & Tourism Communications

  •   Center for International Communications & Media

  •   Center for Brand Values, Communication & Research

  •   Latino Initiative

  •   Hispanic Media Specialization

  •   Nationally recognized Debate Program

  •   Communications Week

  •   Award winning student run advertising agency (Advantage)

  •   Newport Beach Film Festival College Showcase

  •   National ranking in awarding Communications degrees to Latinos 


Award-winning Media  

  •   Daily Titan Newspaper

  •   Tusk Magazine

  •   O.C. News

  •   On the Edge

  •   Titan Communications

  •   World Press

  •   Titan Sports

  •   In Focus

We have a newly developed “Academic Resources” area on the 6th  floor of College Park. You will find open advisement, our Graduation Specialist, the Director for Internships, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and the SOAR (interclub council) leadership meeting area.  These offices are open during the regular hours and extended times, as well.  Please visit often!

Join the many clubs that are in your discipline or interest; participate in the various campus activities; and have fun!  These are the best years of your life!

 Welcome to the College – Communicating into Careers!  


College Park, home to the College of Communications