Are there any benefits to KASA?

Yes, students in the program benefit and the public they will serve as professionals benefits from KASA.

Students benefit because the KASA process requires the graduate program to assess student's progress toward achieving the expected knowledge-based and skill-based competencies-a process referred to as formative assessment. Formative assessment allows for the early identification of the need for additional help instead of waiting until the end of the program to find out that extra help is needed.

The public benefits because students are assessed in the final stages of their education as well-a process referred to as summative assessment-and this ensures that they have achieved the critical set of knowledge-based and skill-based competencies needed to serve the public competently.

The combination of formative and summative assessments that constitute KASA ensure that students who complete the program have truly gained the knowledge and the skills that they need to function as competent professionals.