2020 Census Symposium

  2020 Census Symposium

Just as the census shapes the future of communities and of the country, journalists shape the media coverage of this once-in-a-decade count of the population. Join us to learn more about the 2020 census so that you can shape the news story with accuracy, responsibility, and sensitivity – on campus and in the community – all while shaping your own professional future in journalism.

What: A workshop to educate student journalists on covering the 2020 census and census-related issues

Who: Journalism students (high school, community college, university) and their faculty/teachers

Where: California State University, Fullerton (specific on-campus location will be shared with registrants)

When: February 22, 2020

  • Commute to campus? Did you know that census results affect funding for highway construction?
  • Think your campus doesn’t recognize your race/ethnicity group? Learn how census race categories affect who is visible in society . . . and who isn’t.
  • Did you know that your individual answers to the census are protected by law and can NOT be shared with landlords, police, or anyone else?
  • Do you trust technology? The 2020 census allows online responses for the first time in history.
  • Census results bring money to California and to your community.
  • Who reps YOU in Congress? Census results affect the number of seats your state gets in the U.S. House of Representatives AND in the Electoral College.
  • California wildfires!!! Did you know that census results affect funding for fire departments?

Come learn more at the 2020 Census Symposium for Student Journalists on Feb. 22!!

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