Steps to Your Internship



  1. Attend a Mandatory Internship Orientation SessionOpens in new window . This should be done from one month to one year prior to the semester you plan to complete your internship.

  2. Complete all prerequisite PDF File Opens in new window courses and then enroll in the 495 Class. Prereqs must be completed in advance – concurrent enrollment is not allowed.

  1. Have your resume and cover letter reviewed by the Career CenterOpens in new window . This should be done prior to applying to internships so you can incorporate the feedback and send out the best applications possible. Save the hard copies which contain the career center stamp and staff signature, as they will be a required assignment due the second week of the semester.

  1. Apply to a minimum of 20-25 internships. Continue sending out applications until you accept an offer. Titan ConnectionOpens in new window is the best place to start. Be sure to filter for “Intern (for college credit)” because these positions have already been approved by CICE and are eligible for course credit. You may also apply to internships you find via your own research, word of mouth, internet searches, company websites, or internship aggregator sites such as Indeed.comOpens in new window or EntertainmentCareers.netOpens in new window . Keep in mind that in order to receive credit, the position must be approved by the CSUF Center for Internships & Community Engagement (CICE) before you begin.

  1. Interview & accept an internship position. Remember that once you accept an offer you must honor your semester-long commitment to serve as an intern, so prioritize your positions of interest. If you receive an offer from your “back up” but are in the final round of interviews for your dream job, don’t be afraid to ask for a few days to provide your decision. Negotiate your start date, end date, and weekly schedule with your employer. The internship must take place within the bounds of the academic semester in which you are enrolled.

  1. Register with CICE. Your internship site must be approved by CICE before you are able to complete your registration. Academic internships listed on Titan Connection have already been approved. If your site is not listed, they must submit a company profile and internship description to CSUF in order to be approved. You can visit My Academic Internship Site Isn’t Registered Opens in new window to begin the process and generate an email link along with instructions to be sent to your supervisor. Once your site has been approved you can complete the CICE Registration.

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  1. Log in to Titanium on the first day of the semester to view the course requirements and assignment deadlines. All assignments are required in order to pass the class, and all must be submitted online, per instructions.

  1. Complete internship hours and all required coursework. Review Titanium periodically for assignment feedback. Assignments which do not receive a passing grade may be revised and resubmitted for full credit during the semester.


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