Andersen Research Library

The Andersen Research Center is a collection of periodicals, books, databases, and course materials not otherwise available on the CSU, Fullerton Campus. Its mission is to support the research efforts of the Human Communication Studies Department's faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate majors. The Reseach Center is a memorial to Martin Andersen, long-time CSUF Speech Communication faculty member, department chair, and mentor. The Center was initially founded by the donation of Dr. Andersen's private library.


andersen research

Front row, left to right: Granell, Smith, Woolf, Upton, Good Harlan, Smidt, Amick, Casker, Ryan
Second row: Dobkin, Grimes, Lawrence, King, Michael, Dunn, Michales, Sommer, Vogt
Third row: Goodell, Wagoner, Powers, Corlye, Burlingame, Whipple, Wrin, Martin, Marini, Goodhue
Fourth row: Henry, Cortright, Whitten, Bowman, Radloff, Gifford, Britt, Blavat, Miley
Fifth row: Leger, Cristner, Miller, Root, Nolan, Kovarik, Willis
Sixth row: Rogers, Kaplan, VanDyne, Truwe, Malone J., Stampt, Howell
Seventh row: Fessenden, Hold, Nelson, Malone M., Thorpe.