Cinematography Students Visit American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse

Cinematography Students Visit American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse

This past October, Cinema and Television Arts Professor Jacqueline Frost took some of her students to the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) clubhouse in Los Angeles - something she’s been doing for the past 15 years. The ASC brings cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques, and promote cinema through artistry and technology. She says the ASC has an educational committee and they’re happy to meet students and share a dialogue about all things cinematography. They recently celebrated their 100th anniversary and were recognized for Commitment to Excellence at the 71st Engineering Emmy Awards.

Frost takes CTVA students who are enrolled in her upper division Cinematography class. The students have the opportunity to engage with professional cinematographers working in motion pictures and television, and ask them questions. The cinematographers are all ASC members, who have been invited by the guild based on their body of work.

She says the proximity to Hollywood allows her to share the experience with her students, and it’s like a museum of cameras through the history of the cinema. At the start of the panel, they watch a trailer of films highlighting the beauty of the image, and they always come out with a deeper respect and understanding of the cinematographer’s role, and some swag.

Frost found out about this opportunity when she met with cinematographers while working on her first book, “Cinematography for Directors, where she interviewed many ASC members. She recently completed the 2nd edition of the book, and is working on an interview book, "Eye Behind the Lens; Conversations with Contemporary Cinematographers" featuring twenty interviews with ASC members that will be published by Routledge. Though she is not a member, she has become very familiar with them, and even hired two ASC members to teach courses in her Digital Cinematography workshop.

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