Communicative Disorders Students Assist Hearing Clinic in Mexico:

Once per month Dr. Grijalva along with a group of California State University of Fullerton (CSUF) students dedicate their day to helping the community of Rosarito, Mexico. Flying Samaritans Hearing Clinic is part of a non-profit organization that offers services to the adult and pediatric population. Dr. Grijalva, the students, and a licensed hearing aid dispenser work together to test, diagnose, and treat individuals with hearing loss. Under professional supervision, the students collaborate to manage the intake of patients, conduct case histories, perform audiological assessments, and provide counseling to patients. Furthermore, Jesus Jeronimo, also a CSUF student and Speech Language Pathology Assistant helps provide the pediatric patients with speech exercises to improve their auditory and verbal skills after they are fit with hearing aids. Since CSUF students have begun assisting, the team has successfully served over 250 patients. The Flying Samaritans Hearing Clinic takes pride in providing services to a community in need while giving the students the satisfaction of learning to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom setting.

In addition to the monthly trips, the team has worked together to raise funds for individuals with exceptional financial constraints. Thanks to the generous donations of the CSUF, NSSLHA, and surrounding community, over $1,000 were raised to help a family cover the costs of their son’s hearing aids, begin a reserve fund for future patients in need, and even cover the cost of a much needed portable hearing aid vacuum system. As support continues to grow, the Flying Samaritans Hearing Clinic looks forward to serving as many individuals and families that would otherwise not have access to hearing health. Once again, thank you so much for your support!fly

The hearing clinic team in front of the clinic in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.
From left to right: Amy (Book-keeper), Pat Hedrick (Hearing aid dispenser), Jeremy LeVan (student) , Dr. Maria Grijalva (professor), Itzel Padilla (student), Stephanie Arroyo (student), Ines Flores (student) , Jesus Jeronimo (student and SLPA) , Irene (Interpreter).


A successful fundraiser allowed the team to purchase two hearing aids for Landon.
Shown in photo: Landon and his mom along with Pat Hedrick, Itzel Padilla, Stephanie Arroyo, Jeremy LeVan, and Janine Amaya.