Student Producers Receive National Award for Television Newscast, OC News at the 2017 Festival of Media Arts

Two Cal State Fullerton students received an award of excellence for their production work on Titan Communications’ OC News at the Broadcast Education Association’s annual convention and 2017 Festival of Media Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

College of Communications undergraduates Miguel Moya and Morgan Cline competed with students from universities across the country, including those from Michigan State University, Penn State University, and CSU campuses for the award of excellence in the category of Television Newscast (airing 3 days per week or less).

With Dean - Ed Fink

Cline, a cinema and television arts and broadcast journalism major, has been involved with Titan TV since freshman year and began working as a producer on OC News her junior year after a semester at sea led to the discovery of her passion for producing television content.

“Students are responsible for paving their own way and I really encourage students to get involved as soon as possible on-campus. There’s something for everyone; if you want to get somewhere, you have to take initiative,” said Cline of her experience at Cal State Fullerton.

Moya, a broadcast journalism major, joined OC News through COMM 472 (Capstone- TV News) in spring 2016. After fulfilling the requirements for the course, Moya decided to stay on with encouragement from Beth Georges, lecturer in communications, who recommended that he join the team as a producer.

“When it comes to television production, there are so many moving pieces and so many people working together. Through OC News, Cal State Fullerton allowed me to develop and embrace my own personality and in turn, as a producer, do the same for other students. There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs, but there’s always a forward and that’s what you have to focus on,” said Moya.

Cline and Moya will be graduating in May and participating in the 2017 CSUF College of Communications Commencement.  

With Dean - Ed Fink

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 In addition to the recognition of Cline and Moya, the following College of Communications faculty were recognized, presented and served as panelists at the conference:

 Micheal McAlexander, associate professor of communications, received an Award of Excellence in the Feature/TV Hour category for scriptwriting for Lockdown.

Brent Foster, associate professor of communications and interim director of undergraduate studies, presented his paper Broadcast Armageddon: My Mom Just Posted a YouTube Video! at “BEA Ignite,” where faculty share their best classroom project/exercise/ideas.

 Beth Georges, lecturer in communications, served as a panelist at the convention for the presentation on Creative and Innovative Media Programs: Re-inventing Broadcast Journalism to Match Tomorrow’s Industry and Audience Demographics.

 Emily Erickson, professor of communications, served as a panelist at the convention for the presentation on Apple, Inc. and Electric Sheep: Using Media Literacy to Teach about Social and Mobile Media.