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  • Where can I find a list of all Comm Week events ?

For an updated list of all our events, please check out our schedule here.

  • I really enjoyed one of the speakers. Where can I learn more about them and find their contact information?

You may learn more and find the contact information for our our speakers through our Sched website or app.

  • How long is each speaker session?

Each presentation will vary. However, they’ll be anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour.

  • Are all events in person this year?

All Comm Week events are in person at the Titan Student Union. However, some speakers will be presenting through zoom in their assigned Titan Student Union room.

  • Does Comm Week have social media platforms that I can follow?

Follow us on social media at: Instagram @csufcommweek, Twitter @csuf_commweek, TikTok @csufcommweek, Facebook @csuf comm week.

  • Is Comm Week only for CSUF students?

No! Anyone from the public is welcome to attend Comm Week along with CSUF students. 

  • Who produces Comm Week?

Comm Week is produced by the students of the Spring 2022 Event Planning & Management class (COMM 497T) via Cal State Fullerton’s Department of Communications.

  • When is next year’s Comm Week?

The 2023 Comm Week dates have not been announced yet. Please follow us on social media to learn more about future Comm Week events.

  • I am a communications professional and would like to speak at a future Comm Week event. Who do I contact?

Please email Comm Week advisor Dr. Waleed Rashidi at wrashidi@fullerton.edu

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