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What is the Daily Titan?


The Daily Titan is an editorially independent student publication, web site and social media presence, printed every Monday during the academic year and updated online daily. The Daily Titan operates independently of Associated Students Inc., California State University, Fullerton; the College of Communications; the administration of California State University, Fullerton; and the California State University.

Daily Titan has published since 1997 and a mobile app since 2021, updating both frequently.

The Daily Titan has functioned as a public forum since its first issue in 1960. Unless implied by an advertising party or otherwise stated, advertising in the Daily Titan is inserted by commercial activities or ventures identified in the advertisements and not by the university. Such printing is not to be construed as written or implied sponsorship, endorsement or investigation of such commercial enterprises. The Daily Titan allocates one printed issue to each student for free.

The Daily Titan, Cal State Fullerton’s independent student news organization serves the university’s 40,000 students and 4,000 faculty and staff. Any CSUF student may apply to be part of the Daily Titan’s news and advertising departments or can enroll in either COMM 471: Capstone – Daily Titan News or COMM 454: Advertising Media Sales


Daily Titan editors and reporters gain hands- on newsroom expe- rience, interacting with the CSUF and Fullerton communities to find and publish compelling stories for print, online and social media. The Daily Titan’s advertising staff develops professional skills by branding and marketing the news products and selling advertising to support operating costs. For all Daily Titan staffers, teamwork and management experiences are unparalleled. Both the editors and the advertising managers receive training at national professional journalism and advertising conventions, traveling to cities around the country, including New York City.