Forensics Scholarships

Lucy M. Keele Debate Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Established by: This scholarship is named for Dr. Lucy M. Keele, who was the Director of the Forensics Program from 1969-1983 and elevated the debate program to the national level.

Open to: This scholarship is open to undergraduate debaters who compete in policy debate, with a preference for National Debate Tournament (NDT) debate.

Criteria: Must be full-time student in good academic standing, with a minimum of one year of experience in high school or policy debate, along with a track record of success or strong potential for success in intercollegiate debate competition.
[where applicants have equal outstanding qualifications for the award, the funds may be split between them.]

Decision: The recipient will be chosen by the Director of the Forensics Program.

Application Procedure:
1) Complete the SA application, available at File ;

2) Complete a FAFSA application (or have one on-file) for establishing financial need (Free Application for Federal Student Aid);

3) Submit an application letter explaining why you are deserving of this award, including
your experience and success in policy debate in high school or college, and your potential for further success in intercollegiate policy debate,

4) Provide two letters of recommendation that address your debate skills, thinking and reasoning skills, and oral communication skills; and

5) Submit application materials to the HCOM Department Office, CP-420.

Application Deadline: March 1