Newport Beach Film Festival: COMM 497T



What is the Newport Beach Film Festival?


COMM 497T (Film Festival section) provides the student with an opportunity to apply communication and event planning principles in the development of a real campaign for a real event, the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Students have a unique opportunity to directly interact with international governments and agencies. In the past, students have interfaced with the consulates of Mexico, Chile, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Ireland. Furthermore, the course allows students to engage and partner with multiple community organizations including the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, German American Business Associ- ation, Italian Cultural Institute, The Japan Foundation, Korean Cultural Center, Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Australian American Association, and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Students also produce and promote marketing materials to over 200 interest groups and media outlets, resulting in over 400,000 media impressions and 250,000 social media impressions per year.