Internship FAQs

Prospective 495 Students (Prior to attending a Mandatory Orientation)

Do I need to have an internship before I can enroll in the class?

- No, you may enroll in the internship course as soon as you have met the prerequisites and attended a mandatory orientation session.

Do I have to do an internship?

-All Communications and CTVA majors are required to complete an internship in order to graduate. Substitutions are allowed in very rare circumstances ONLY if a student: * Does not meet the minimum 2.25 GPA requirement for CSUF, cumulative, or major * Has at least 2 years of part-time or 1 year of full-time work experience directly related to their specific field of study. Please note that most typical retail and customer service positions will not qualify for a substitution. The goal of the internship is to facilitate an arrangement where students gain the experience and networking connections necessary to help them secure a full-time job in their chosen field after graduation. Examples of scenarios that may qualify for a substitution: a Public Relations student with 3 years of part-time experience as a junior associate at a PR firm, an Entertainment student with 1 year of full-time experience as a cast member at Disneyland, or a journalism student who has been a contributing writer for a local newspaper consistently for over 2 years.

- HCOM students are not required to do an internship but it is highly recommended

What are my next steps if I think I may qualify for a substitution?

 -COMM majors: Schedule an appointment with the COMM faculty internship coordinator, Amber Wilson, at (657) 278-7128 or
-CTVA majors: Schedule an appointment with the CTVA faculty internship coordinator, Shelley Armstrong Murray, at (657) 278-5302 or
-HCOM or COMD majors: Substitutions not applicable.


What prerequisites are required to enroll in the 495 internship class?

-All students must attend a mandatory internship orientation session, be declared in their major & concentration, be at least junior standing (60+ units), have a minimum GPA of 2.25 for major, cumulative, and CSUF, and must have completed the following prerequisite courses specific to their major/concentration to be eligible to enroll in the 495 internship course:

Advertising: COMM 350, 351, 352, 353

Entertainment & Tourism Studies: COMM 346, 446

Journalism: Either COMM 372 OR COMM 471 OR COMM 325

Photocommunications: Any 1 of the following: COMM 319 OR COMM 321 OR COMM 380

Public Relations: COMM 361, 362

Cinema Television Arts: CTVA 100

Human Communication Studies: Contact the Faculty Internship Coordinator to discuss your eligibility

Is it possible to use a prior internship for credit toward the 495 requirement?

-No, prior internships DO NOT count toward the 495 class. The hours must be completed during the term you are enrolled.

Can I do an internship in the summer and take the course in the fall?

-No, the internship and the 495 class must be taken concurrently. The internship cannot be completed before enrolling in the internship course.

What if I receive an internship offer that I really want to accept, but I am not eligible to enroll in the 495 internship class because I haven’t completed all the prerequisites?

-English 498 is an alternative course that offers 3 units of elective credit for internships. This can provide the academic credit required to legally undertake an unpaid internship, but it WILL NOT satisfy the 495 internship requirement, meaning that you will still need to complete a future internship in your major while enrolled in the 495 class to fulfill your graduation requirement. Most internships that pay at least minimum wage do not require academic credit.

Current Interns (Enrolled in 495)

When can I start my internship?

- You should plan to begin your internship during the first week of the academic semester for which you are enrolled. You must complete the CICE approval provcess before you can begin working.

Why did I receive a fail for my assignment?

- Read the feedback comments on Canvas. If you receive a fail, there will be instructions for how you can revise and resubmit for full credit.
- Check that you used the correct filename. Be sure to save every assignment with the assignment number, first and last name, and the current term as the filename. For example: #1TuffyTitanSpring2020.
- Make sure you completed the full assignment. For example, a resume alone will receive a fail for #2 because both a resume and cover letter stamped and signed by the career center are required.

What happens if the internship I found through my own research doesn’t get approved by CICE?

-Without CICE approval you CANNOT receive credit for the internship. You should continue looking for an internship that meets the guidelines for academic credit. Titan Connection is the best place to search because every academic internship posted on the site has already been approved by CICE. You may continue to seek out internships through your own research, but any company you choose must ultimately be approved before your start date in order to receive credit.

What happens if I haven’t turned in an assignment by the posted deadline on Canvas?

 - Late assignments are accepted until the last day of instruction for the semester, at the professor’s discretion. However, please try to adhere to posted deadlines. Failure to complete all 8 assignments will prevent a grade of “credit” in the class.