The Center will develop curricula that includes values-based context to its students' pursuits of communications as a vocation. Dr. Patty Malone will develop and drive the approval of college curricula that includes values-based context to its students’ pursuits of communications as a vocation. Especially given the current underpinning of values found in the Millennial Generation, the university could be responsible for graduating a workforce of communications professionals that will truly add value to their future companies by understanding the principles of brand values communications and research.

Professional Studies Mid-Management Certification Program

This program will have an immediate impact on current industry leadership. Senior communications staff from organizations across the country could send staff to become certified in applying the principals of brand values and communication. The Center will develop a curriculum taught by faculty and industry leaders.

Build A Communications Internship Program For Values-Focused Companies

The College prides itself on a large internship program. The Center will focus on creating a list of pre-approved companies who demonstrate a cutting-edge brand values operation. Students of this internship will receive real-time, hands-on experience to supplement classroom teachings.

A Values-Centric Nationwide Repository

To be a thought leader, the Center will need to continue amassing research and case studies relating to brand values and research. This would include use of social media when applicable.

Ongoing Sponsorship And Participation In The Annual OC’s Most Trustworthy Brands

To keep the university top-of-mind with leaders from around Orange County regarding brand values and research, the Center will continue its involvement with OC’s Most Trustworthy Brands. Over time, we will look to expand the reach of the Trust Summit by providing a ‘packaged event’ as content for broadcast.

Joint Partnership With The Values Institute In Creating A Proprietary Interview Series

The interview series will be hosted by TVI Founder Mike Weisman and produced by TVI staff and Titan Communications. The series will profile CEOs from OC-based companies who were honored at the annual OC’s Most Trustworthy Brands events. Half-hour programs will profile an ‘up-close and personal’ look at the brand values that drive OC’s most successful brands. Content will be offered to local broadcast media and used as part of the curriculum for the professional studies certification program. The series will be filmed on the Cal State Fullerton campus through Titan Communications.