Proprietary TrustPulse™ Survey

This survey serves as the foundation (5 C’s) for all future surveys and models. It is used to understand the communicative process of establishing brand trust, and measures 25 values relating to trust. It directly impacts Orange County’s Most Trustworthy Brands, a recognition now in its fourth year, which honors and studies brand trustworthiness in the local community.

Proprietary Nationwide Most Trustworthy Brands Study

With the local TrustPulse™ survey now entering its fourth year, The Center will help create a national TrustPulse™ model that will determine Most Trustworthy Brands both nationally and internationally.

Development Of A Proprietary ‘Trust Index’

This index will be used to measure organizations’ ongoing perceived trust levels through their internal and external communications operations. An index of statistical averages will be derived from the accumulated data received from ongoing TrustPulse™ surveys. This data will be used to create an index that measures the abilities of organizations to gain and maintain trust, loyalty and satisfaction from employees and consumers. The Center will publish an annual list of those organizations that have performed well against the statistical averages.

Proprietary Nationwide TrustGap Survey

The subject of organizational trust and its effects on productivity has already been documented.  The TrustGap Survey will measure the current state of health of relationships within organizations to profile performance levels over time. Organizations around the country will be interested to learn if there is a trust gap, and if so, what is causing the divide. The Center will help develop, test, and academically publish results from the TrustGap Survey.

Proprietary Ongoing TrustPulse™ Employee And Consumer Surveys

This will aid in gathering data on organizational trust and provide individual companies with the ability to analyze trust within their organizations. Proprietary ‘Trust Check-Ups’ will be created to provide these organizations with a diagnosis of their current relationships and lay out a treatment plan to improve trust.