Center for Entertainment and Tourism Communications

Note: This center has been temporarily suspended as it undergoes revisions (UPS 100.700, III.B.3).

The Center for Entertainment and Tourism Communications mission is to facilitate effective collaboration between the CSUF College of Communications and tourism and entertainment stakeholders by fostering education and scholarship among faculty, students and professionals, and the partnership between academia and industry. Primary responsibilities are strengthening the college’s relationship with the Orange County and California visitor and entertainment industry through student internships and placement, faculty research engagement and professional development and training. Being the leading voice on communications issues, research and trends critical to the progress of Southern California’s entertainment and tourism professions, the Center is the cultivator of emerging communications talent with a strong faculty who are knowledgeable and committed to the advancement of industry leadership.

Center Challenges

We face five priority challenges as a specialized college education and research center to advance entertainment and tourism communications understanding and industry collaboration.

  • Achieving formal stakeholder recognition of the Center with full-time leadership.
  • Agreeing on the Center brand value proposition and long-term program of work.
  • Eliciting ongoing high profile public and media relations attention.
  • Identifying and forming key mutually-rewarding Center partnerships.
  • Attaining sustainable resource funding.

Center 2020 Vision

We aspire to an organization vision dependent on faculty, student and industry collaboration, collective benefits and astute board leadership.

Become the nationally recognized resource for entertainment and tourism communications education and professional development, research and advocacy.

To achieve this vision, there must be a strong adherence to implementing defined Center roles and responsibilities at the Board and managing director levels, providing Center brand value proposition benefits and related messaging and keying on Center self-supporting activities.