Communications Inter-Club Council

As part of the Associated Students Inc. (ASI), the Communications Inter-Club Council (CICC) is the funding council for registered student organizations associated with the College of Communications. CICC also funds individual students within the College of Communications who seek to fund activities directly related to their majors.  The CICC is run entirely by a conglomerate of student representatives from the variety of College of Communications clubs and organizations that pertain to the ICC.

What Do We Do?

The CICC is responsible for disbursing funds directly from ASI to students. The CICC meets on a weekly basis wherein, students and their clubs can submit proposals for funding to cover the cost of presenting at research conferences, guest speakers, or other club activities.  All recognized communications clubs report to the CICC and are allowed to propose funding plans to aid their organization. The council itself also coordinates, funds, and hosts college-wide events.

In addition to funding its member organizations, the CICC strives to aid its members in successful operations that benefit student members, the College of Communications, and the University.  We strive to promote Cal State Fullerton and its students within the national and international academic community.

What is the benefit of belonging to CICC?

The most important benefit of being a part of the CICC is the ability for students to have access to more conferences, extra-curricular activities, and getting involved on-campus and off.  Students who also choose to be ICC representatives for their organizations improve their communication skills, learn more about various disciplines and provide a valuable service to their departments or programs.

If you have any additional questions regarding the CICC or how to access funds, please feel free to contact the CICC board members.


CICC has elected representatives from Communications clubs, Members-at-Large, ASI Representatives, a student Executive Board, and an advisor. CICC encourages clubs and organizations to work together by exchanging ideas, enhancing growth outside the classroom, and promoting unity and diversity.