Titanium Curriculum

In order to receive credit for the 495 course, students must complete a minimum of 120 hours at an approved internship site. These hours must be completed between the first day of instruction and the last day of instruction for the semester during which they are enrolled. The following 8 assignments must be submitted to Titanium and all 8 must receive a grade of “pass” in order to pass the class.

Assignment #1 – CICE Registration Complete Form

• Complete the student CICE Registration Opens in new window process once you have accepted an internship and the company has been approved by the Center for Internships & Community Engagement. Upload the final page which says “Registration Complete” at the top to receive credit for Assignment #1.

• This must be completed before you begin your internship.

Assignment #2 – Orientation Attendance Document

• Scan the document you received as proof of attending an orientation session within the year prior to your enrollment and upload it as assignment #2.

• You must attend an orientation session before enrolling in the course. You may attend up to one year in advance.

• If you have misplaced the form given to you at orientation, you may complete a make-up assignment by attending any workshop, employer info session, or career/internship fair sponsored by the Career Center. Please print and complete the Orientation Make-up Assignment PDF File Opens in new window , have it signed by the Career Center event host, and submit it to Titanium for Assignment #2 prior to the end of the semester.

Assignment #3 – Resume & Cover Letter Signed off by the Career Center

• Visit the Career Center during drive-thru hours or make an appointment to have your resume and cover letter reviewed by staff. Scan the printed pages which include feedback and the career center stamp/signature and upload them to Titanium for assignment #3.

• This should be completed before you begin applying for internships

Assignment #4 – 40 Hour Paper

• (Practical Applications) After completing 40 hours at the internship, complete a reflection paper detailing the courses within your major that helped prepare you for the experience, as well as any areas that would have been helpful to learn in advance.

Assignment #5 – Internship Photos

• Provide two photos of yourself on the job – one in front of an identifiable company landmark or logo, and the other a creative “action shot” of yourself at work.

Assignment #6 – Final Report

• Near the conclusion of the internship, complete a written account of your internship experience.

Assignment #7 – Site Survey

• Visit the link available in Titanium and complete a brief online survey about your internship experience. Take a screenshot of the completion page and upload this to Titanium to receive credit for assignment #7.

Assignment #8 – Signed Timesheet

• Keep a log of your hours and duties on the CICE Timesheet PDF File Opens in new window beginning on the first day of the internship, then have your supervisor sign off to confirm the total number of hours completed on your last day.