Your Student Success Team 

The College of Communications Student Success Team is committed to providing a wide range of services that are designed to help students persist, and ensure students meet their goal of a timely graduation.  We are dedicated to providing information about campus support services and resources, graduation requirements, career planning and personal development. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out the advising team.  

To schedule an appointment with a specialist, please call the Advising & Student Success Center at (657) 278-4926 or online (click hereOpens in new window ).


Assistant Dean

Robert L. Flores , Assistant Dean
rflores@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
CP 650-28

See the Assistant Dean if:

  • You are experiencing a complex/sensitive student issue.
  • You have a concern related to your Titan Experience.
  • You have questions about involvement oppurtunities.
  • You need to be connected to University/ College resources.

Tammy Rogers

Tammy Rogers, Graduation Specialist (Jr./Sr.) Opens in new window
CP 650-26



See the Graduation Specialist if:

  • You have questions on how and when to apply for graduation.
  • You are a candidate for graduation and have received either a pre-audit or deferral (graduation deficiency) notice.
  • You have a graduation deficiency on your Titan Degree Audit.
  • The graduation term you applied for is no longer the appropriate term based on your remaining requirements.

Axis Avalos

Axis Avalos,  Retention Specialist
axavalos@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
CP 650-26

See the Retention Specialist if:

  • You have Academic Probation questions.
  • You need information on University/College academic ploicies (GPA requirements, petitions, withdraws, change of grade, etc.).
  • You would like to create an academic plan to ensure you are on the right track for graduating in 4 years.
  • You need assistance reading and understanding your Titan Degree Audit.

Academic Advisor

Connie Chen,  Academic Advisor
yjchen@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
CP 650-26

See the Academic Advisor if:

  • You have questions on major, GE and degree requirements (excluding COMD majors).
  • You are a COMD major and have questions regarding GE requirements.
  • You are a Finish in Four Scholar and need to have your course contract approved.
  • You need assistance in going over your TDA and to develop your class schedule.
  • You are on academic probation and have a registration hold.
  • You are a prospective student or returning student and are seeking re-admission.

Amber Chitty

Amber Chitty, Faculty Internsip Coordinator
achitty@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
CP 650-27

See the Internship Coordinator if:

  • You have questions after reviewing the internship website.
  • You need help or resources to plan your required internship.





Visit Internship Website            


Cassandra Thompson, Career Specialist Opens in new window
LH 205E

See the Career Specialist if:

  • You would like career advising for your major.
  • You are interested in job search preparation (resumes, cover letter, interviewing etc).
  • You are interested in skill development (Internships, volunteer work, etc).
  • You want to explore graduate school and graduate school preparation. 

Inez Gonzalez

Inez González , Director of the Latino Communications Institute (LCI)
igonzalez@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
CP 460-24

Join LCI if: 

  • You are interested in the Latino consumer market.
  • You want to meet peers who have internships with companies targeting Latino Consumers.
  • You want to be a part of a campus community that can become a valuable resource in achieving educational and career goals.