Academic Notice Advising

Note: The following Academic Notice advisement instructions are for students majoring in the College of Communications only:

Cinema and Television Arts (CTVA)

Communications (COMM)

Communication Studies (HCOM)

Communicative Disorders (COMD)

We are here to help you succeed if you have been placed on Academic Notice. Students are placed on Academic Notice if their CSUF GPA and/or cumulative GPA falls below 2.0. Students placed on Academic Notice after a Fall, Spring or Summer term will be notified by e-mail approximately two weeks after the end of the term.

Students in the College of Communications must complete the RESET Canvas course and meet with an academic advisor as part of their Academic Notice requirements. Because it is mandatory to meet with an advisor before registering for future courses, students who do not meet with an advisor will have a hold and not be able to register for Summer or Fall courses.

A registration hold will be placed on your account before the end of February. To remove the hold to be able to register for Summer and Fall 2024 courses, students placed on Academic Notice after Fall 2023 must complete the following advising steps by Fri., March 29 (if you are planning to enroll for Summer 2024, complete these steps by Mon., March 18):

  1. Complete the "RESET Canvas Course for students on Academic NoticeOpens in new window ." Students on Academic Notice for Fall 2023 should have received an invite to the RESET Canvas Course.
  2. After completing the RESET Canvas Course, meet with an advisor from the College of Communications Student Success Center by scheduling a pre-scheduled or same-day advising appointment (click here for details regarding these appointment options).

What is Academic Notice?

Undergraduate students are placed on academic notice when their cumulative (overall) GPA and/or their CSUF GPA falls below a 2.0 after a Fall, Spring or Summer term.


Undergraduate students placed on academic notice are subject to academic disqualification after the following semester of enrollment, if their cumulative or CSUF GPA falls below the disqualification GPA minimum required for their class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior):

Class Standing

Units Earned

GPA Disqualification Levels


0-29 units



30-59 units



60-89 units



90+ units


How do students regain good academic standing to be removed from Academic Notice status?

To be removed from academic notice status, undergraduate students must raise their cumulative and CSUF GPAs to 2.0 or higher.


What is the most efficient way for students to raise their GPA?

Repeating courses for grade forgiveness is generally the most efficient way for students to raise their GPAs. Students may repeat up to 16 units of “C minus” or lower grades at CSUF (C-, D+, D, D-, F, WU, and IC), where the first grade will be excluded from the GPA calculation. A single course may be attempted up to three times (W grades do not count against the three-take limit). Courses that are repeatable for credit do not qualify for grade forgiveness. There may be additional details and restrictions for individual circumstances; check with an academic advisor.