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How people feel about an organization in terms of trust, satisfaction, and loyalty indicates an organization’s overall health and performance. In turn, these values variables drive a number of organizational and consumer activities such as branding, public relations, advertising strategies, consumer behavior, employee relations, internal communications, reputation management and media attention.

A critical action of an organization’s brand is to communicate, build and nurture relationships based on shared values that lead to trust.  Shared values and trust are often ambiguous and subjectively understood. Cal State Fullerton’s College of Communications Dr. Guohua Mark Wu, along with TVI founding researcher Chesley Beaver, worked together to develop a framework and set of variables based upon well established and widely practiced concepts of the social sciences that lead to interpersonal, organizational and brand trust. The result is a survey called TrustPulse™,2 which provides a tested framework to quantitatively measure brands across 25 values that influence trust.

To connect theory, research, and instruction, The Center has two main goals: Research  Outreach 

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