• Council on Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) Leadership Academy 2015
  • Celebrating Incredible Titan Residents Under the Sun (CITRUS) Awards 2011, CSUF
  • Faculty Recognition: Teacher Scholars (recognition in the category of Sponsoring Student Research and Creative Activities), May 2011
  • Outstanding Educator of the Year Award, Associated Students, Inc., CSUF, April 2011
  • Faculty Recognition: Scholarly & Creative Activity, Spring 2010
  • Outstanding Senior Honors Project Mentor, Spring 2010
  • Diversity Travel Award, International Meeting for Autism Research (May 2009, Chicago, IL), International Society of Autism Research (INSAR)
  • Outstanding Faculty Recognition: Service (Spring 2009).
  • Outstanding Faculty Recognition Teacher-Scholar (recognition in the Category of Sponsoring Student Research and Creative Activities (Spring 2008)
  • International Travel Award, International Meeting for Autism Research (May 2008, London), INSAR
  • Scholarship to attend the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised training at the University of Michigan(March 2007)
  • Outstanding Faculty Recognition for Scholarly & Creative Activity, CSUF (Spring 2007)
  • Diversity Travel Award, International Meeting for Autism Research (May 2007, Seattle, WA), INSAR
  • Diversity Travel Award, International Meeting for Autism Research (May, 2006,Montreal Canada), INSAR




CSUF Senior Intramural Grant (Spring 2015).
Examination of a developmental screening test, First Year Inventory (FYI), in Korean children ($4,506)


a) CSUF Incentive Intramural Research grant (Spring 2013)
A Cross-cultural Validation Study: using the First Year Inventory in Korean Children ($11274.75)
b) CSUF Faculty Development Center International Travel Grant (Spring 2013)
Early symptoms of autistic disorders in Korean children: Retrospective findings for 1- and 2-year-old children. International Meeting for Autism Research Annual Conference, San Sebastian, Spain ($1000).


Health Promotion Research Institute mini grant (Spring 2012) A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study on English-Korean Autism Screening Tests ($1500)


Senior Research Award (Spring 2011, $5000) Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: The Perspective of Asian American Parent and Professionals.


Health Promotion Research Institute mini grant (Spring 2010)
CSUF Open Dialogue 2010 ($1500)


a) FDC Faculty/Student Research Intramural grant Program (Spring 2009) Student: Julia Ye-Jin Shin ($1000)
b) FDC Untenured Faculty Development Intramural Grant (Fall 2008) 3 WTU’s of assigned time & $1000 O & E support


a) Yen N. Do Scholarly Research Fund, College of Communication, CSUF
Helping South Asian Parents Who Have Children With Autism Spectrum  Disorders. (Fall 2007)
b) Faculty Development Center (FDC), Untenured Faculty Development Grant, CSUF
International Collaboration in Autism Research: Cross-Linguistic Examination of Theory of Mind in High Functioning Children With Autism (Spring 2008)
c) Teaching Mini Grant, FDC, CSUF (Spring 2008)


CIES Fulbright Senior Scholar grant,  U.S. Department of State, Fall 2012.  A cross-cultural comparative study on English-Korean autism screening tests ($24,000)


Korea Research Foundation (#H00013), The relation between language and theory of mind in Korean and English: Evidence from normal and Autistic children (co-investigator, PI: Hyeonjin Lee, Ph.D).