The Latino Communications Institute is a workforce-preparedness program that supports the development of U.S. Latino cultural competency through relevant courses, research and a broad spectrum of educational opportunities. Many LCI students are first-generation college students who find effective mentorship through this learning community. With the U.S. Latino market explosion, employers are looking for talented bilingual communication professionals.

The Spanish for Hispanic Media professional certificate, a collaboration with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, provides a pathway for bilingual students to become Spanish-proficient in the communications field. Al Día is a student-produced newscast which prepares bilingual students for careers in Spanish-language television. Al Día students are put through a rigorous multimedia journalist bootcamp. The ultimate goal of this course is to give students the skill set that will make them competitive and employable in the current job climate. LCI students have been placed in highly competitive internships. Recent graduates are working in newsrooms and top public relations and advertising agencies.


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Al Dia Spanish Billingual Reporting

                 Spanish Billingual Reporting

Alumni Spotlight

                              Alumni Spotlight

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