Program Requirements

M.S. Degree in Communicative Disorders

The following courses are required for ASHA certification and the SLPSC credential. They may also be used for the partial fulfillment of requirements for the M.S. Degree.

COMD 404* Communicative Disorders of the Bilingual/Multicultural Child (3)
COMD 500 Research in Speech Communication (3)
COMD 501 Seminar in Speech-Language Pathology (1)
COMD 542 Neurologic Bases of Speech and Languages (3)
COMD 543 Seminar in Dysphagia (3)
COMD 544 Seminar in Neurogenic Speech, Language and Cognitive Disorders(3)
COMD 571 Seminar in Fluency Disorders (3)
COMD 573 Seminar in Voice Disorders (3)
COMD 574 Seminar in Phonological Disorders (3)
COMD 576 Seminar in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (3)
COMD 577 Seminar in Child Language Disorders (3)

Clinical Practicum Requirements

COMD 548 Clinical Practicum: Speech and Language Disorders in Children (3)
COMD 558A Clinical Practicum: Speech and Language Disorders in Adults (3)
COMD 559A Advanced Clinical Practicum: Communicative Disorders (3)
COMD 569 Audiology Practicum (3)

The following courses are required for the SLPSC credential.

Undergraduate courses from related areas required for credential: A course equivalent to Psychology 361 Developmental Psychology (3), and a course equivalent to Special Ed 371 Exceptional individual (3).

COMD 554* Seminar in Multicultural Issues in Communicative Disorders (3)
COMD 564 Seminar in Autism Spectrum Disorders (3)
COMD 589A Public School Practicum in Communicative Disorders (4)
COMD 590 Seminar in Speech and Hearing Services in the Schools (2)

*  and COMD 599 Independent Study are requirement for multicultural certificate.