Faculty Members

DEPARTMENT OF Communication Sciences and Disorders


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Full-Time Faculty | Department Of Communication Sciences And Disorders

Seung, HyeKyeung (CD)

HyeKyeung Seung

Department Chair

Kim, Minjung (CD)

Minjung Kim

Undergraduate Adviser

Tsao, Ying-Chiao (CD)

Ying-Chiao Tsao

Graduate Adviser

Weir-Mayta, Phil (CD)

Phil Weir-Mayta


Saenz, Terry I. (CD)

Terry I. Saenz

Wyatt, Toya A. (CD)

Toya A. Wyatt

Chakraborty, Rahul

Chakraborty, Rahul

Russell Johnston

Russell Johnston

Lisa Erwin-Davidson

Lisa Erwin-Davidson

Cooper Therese

Cooper Therese

SallyAnn Giess

SallyAnn Giess


Faculty Emeriti & Faculty Early Retirement Program Participants | Department Of Communication Sciences And Disorders

Davis, Michael (CD)

Michael Davis

Kitselman, Kurt P. (CD)

Kurt P. Kitselman

Tom, Kenneth (CD)

Kenneth Tom


Part Time Faculty | Department Of Communication Sciences And Disorders
Faculty Name Email ID
Allan, Rebecca rallan@fullerton.edu
Chambers, Carole cachambers@fullerton.edu
Collins, Diane dicollins@fullerton.edu
Cossaboom, Eliot ecossaboom@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Delrose, Laura  ldelrose@fullerton.edu  
Gannon, Vanessa vgannon@fullerton.edu  
Gordon, Michelle  marzaga@fullerton.edu
Grijalva, Maria mgrijalva@fullerton.edu
Hatch-Halili, Suzanne shatch-halili@fullerton.edu Opens in new window
Horodyski, Joseph jhorodyski@fullerton.edu
Li, Edith edithli@fullerton.edu
Lubman, Jeff jlubman@fullerton.edu
Murphy, Kathy  kamurphy@fullerton.edu
Reeves, Amy  amreeves@fullerton.edu  
Schouten, Leeann  lschouten@fullerton.edu  
Thompson, David  dthompson@fullerton.edu  
Truesdale, Jina  jtruesdale@fullerton.edu
Viviano-Brown, Elena  eviviano-brown@fullerton.edu  
Wohlgemuth, Kathleen kwohlgemuth@fullerton.edu
Wolff, Sherri swolff@fullerton.edu
Staff Members | Department Of Communication Sciences And Disorders

Steve Gonzalez

 Steven Gonzalez

Administrative Support Coordinator II &  Dept. IT Coord


Office: (657) 278-4928


 Sherri Wolff

 Clinic Director



Office: (657) 278-4924