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Tammy Rogers wins Titan Excellence Award

Tammy Rogers congratulated Dr. Jason Shepard, department chair, and Dr. Ed Fink, interim dean, surprise Tammy Rogers with news that she won two awards this spring for her work as the graduation specialist for the College of Communications.

Tammy Rogers wins two awards Tammy Rogers, graduation specialist for the College of Communications, was one of four recipients of the Titan Excellence Awards in 2019.

Cal State Fullerton President Fram Virjee presented Tammy Rogers, graduation specialist for the College of Communications, with a Titan Excellence Award at the University Awards Program on April 11.

The award recognized Tammy’s commitment to student success over her 17 years of service with the College. She was one of four individuals to win this prestigious university-wide award.

Tammy was hired at CSUF in 2002 as an academic advisor for the College, and in 2014 she transitioned to a newly created role as the Colleges’ graduation specialist. She is also a key member of the College’s advising center and the most senior member of the College’s Student Success Team.

From providing one-on-one academic advising and reviewing graduation readiness for the College’s 3,500 students to coordinating university bureaucracies to ensure smooth implementation of curriculum changes, Tammy’s consistency, integrity and attention to detail have undoubtedly solved thousands of problems and issues over her nearly two decades of work at CSUF.

For her work in support of the Department of Communications, Tammy will also be recognized with the 2019 Campus Partnership Award at the Department of Communications Award Dinner on April 25.