COMM 457


3.5mm Audio Extension Cable - 10ft3.5mm Audio Extension Cable - 10ft 1_8_to_1_4_audioAdaptorAudio Adapter 1/8 to 1/4

XLR_1.5FT_RightAngle Audio Adapter XLR (F) to 1/8" (M)

Audio Adapter XLR M to 1_8_ M AdapterAudio Adapter XLR (M) to 1/8" (M) Adapter

canon_bp_820_ for G30Battery for Canon HF G30

Canon_LP_E12_BatteryBattery for Canon SL1

Battery_Sony_XR500 Battery for Sony XR500

Boom_Pole Boom Pole

Canon_HFG30Camera HD - Canon HF G30 

Canon ZR-900 Camera HD - Canon SL1 

Sony_HDR-XR500 Camera HD - Sony XR500

D&S TripodD&S Tripod


320_Hard_DriveHard Drive - 320 GB

Seagate_500Hard Drive - 500 GB

Headphones COMM Headphones COMM

LED - iPhone Kit LED - iPhone kit


Light Stand COMM Light Stand (COMM) Lowel Pro 3-light kit Lowel Pro 3-light kit

Lowell_pro_lights L owel Pro Lighting Kit 


Microphone - USB CAD U1 

Microphone kit Shure PG58  SM58 Microphone kit Shure PG58 & SM58

Microphone Stand Desktop w mic clip Microphone Stand (Desktop) w/ mic clip


Microphone USB Samson CO1U 


Microphone Wired Sony Lavalier (COMM)


Microphone Wireless Lavalier AudioTechnica 88W Microphone Wireless Lavalier AudioTechnica 88W


Reflector - 2-in-1


Sony_ECM-CG50Shotgun Microphone - Sony CG50

Tripod  Manfrotto COMM Tripod - Manfrotto (COMM) Tripod - Velbon 607 Tripod - Velbon 607