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Our Mission

Founded in 2011 the Maxwell Center for International Communications is committed to creating global awareness, global citizens, and global leaders through international education, research, and collaboration. The role of the Maxwell International Center is to build, promote, and manage high quality international programs for the students and faculty of the College of Communications at California State University Fullerton, as well as to promote internationally and inter-culturally based education, research, and collaboration across universities, organizations, and communities from around the world.

International Education

The main goal of the Maxwell Center is to promote and facilitate global communications inquiry and awareness among the faculty and students of the College of Communications at California State University Fullerton. The Maxwell Center is focused on developing and managing international education and exchange opportunities, and assisting faculty in building international programs and/or internationalizing their curriculum. A large part of the Maxwell Center's mission is focused on building opportunities for communications students, creating awareness of international programs, counseling students, and preparing students to go abroad. To assist in acheiving that mission the center has created to help students identify international prgorams of interest, and to provide indepth information on the many programs created and managed by the Maxwell Center. Additionally, the center provides assistance and counseling for students who are thinking about making the decision to study abroad. Given that many Cal State Fullerton students are first generation college students, this means that they often make 3, 4, or even 5 visits before making that transformational decision, and the Maxwell Center is there to provide information, assistance, counseling, and support.

International Research

The activities of the Maxwell Center are designed to support the research interests of faculty and students of the College of Communications and California State University Fullerton, and to develop mission linked research initiatives that will build the reputation and credibility of the College of Communications and the Maxwell Center  across academia, business, the community, and government.

International Programs

The Maxwell Center is focused on leveraging the intellectual capital and interests of the faculty and students to offer conferences, workshops, and training programs, as well as formal and informal networking opportunities. Additionally, the Maxwell Center builds and promote relationships with governments, for-profit, and non-profit organizations. Programs range from hosting conferences such as the International Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications conference, to the journalism and digital media training programs under our Project Americas intiative, and include efforts such our Global Communications Workshop (GCW) which mixes hands-on media and digtial story telling skills, with communications, public speaking and english language instruction.