Whatever your major, and especially for technical majors, employers consistently rate communication skills as the #1 thing they are looking for, and they look to the courses you’ve taken to prove you have the skills.


Students can change their major or minor through the student portal using the Online Major/Minor Change Form Link . (Directions are here)

The minor consists of 18 units you select with an advisor, and you can begin taking the classes before advisement.


Minor, Communication Studies


You can take a minor and all of these courses will double-count toward GE, so you can complete your entire minor and finish as many as 15 GE units at the same time.  Here are the courses that will double-count:

GE area A1: HCOM 100/102

GE area A3: HCOM 235

GE area E: HCOM 305

GE area B5: HCOM 308

GE area D3: HCOM 320, HCOM 342, HCOM 370


We have other popular courses in addition to our GE offerings: Sexual Communication, the Rhetoric of Popular Culture, Legal Communication, Organizational Communication (nonprofit work and business), Interpersonal communication and relationships (family,   friends, intimates), and Health communication.  You can also join the nationally-ranked Speech and Debate team by signing up for HCOM 138 or HCOM 338.


For more information contact our undergraduate advisor Dr. Javette Hayes, or our student success center if you have any more questions.