While the department doesn’t have a specific online-only degree, we have created a cluster of courses that will all be offered online. The following list of courses can all be taken online and, if completed, should satisfy the requirements for the degree. As always, you should consult with your faculty advisor and the student success center when planning your schedule.


You do not need to take all classes online, and if you wish you can take any of the following courses face to face.


This guide lists ONLY those courses that will be offered online. The full list of all HCOM courses can be found on the major advisement worksheet.

Note the major requires the completion of 51 units; 30 required core units; 3 units from 3 of 4 breadth areas for a total of 9 units; and 12 elective units. This scheme is operative for students effective Fall of 2023 or later. If you entered earlier, consult your advisor.


 CORE  REQUIREMENTS: You must complete all of these courses. 


Public Speaking ( Must earn a C- or better to satisfy G.E. requirement. )  


Essentials of Argumentation ( Must earn a C- or better to satisfy G.E. requirement. )  


Introduction to Research ( Must earn a C or better to satisfy the university’s upper-division writing GE requirement. )  


Intro to Communication Theory  


Digital Media Literacy (3)  


Comm. and Critical/Cultural Studies  


Quantitative Research Methods  


Intercultural Communication ( Satisfies both G.E. and Major requirements for students with catalog year FA18 and after.)  


Communication Theory (prereq 304)  


Communication Studies Capstone  


BREADTH REQUIREMENTS : Must take 1 course (3 units) in three of the four areas for a total of 9 units:  

Argumentation: HCOM330, HCOM332, or HCOM342.  

Intercultural: HCOM320 or HCOM456.

Organizational: HCOM 325 or HCOM333.

Interpersonal and relationships: HCOM220, HCOM310, or HCOM313.


ELECTIVES: Any 12 units not counted toward the core or breadth requirements. The full list of online-approved courses appears below.




Courses marked with a GE designation will double-count toward General Education requirements.

HCOM 100(GE)  

Introduction to Human Comm  

HCOM 102(GE)  

Public Speaking  

HCOM 108  

Communicating for Professional Success  

HCOM 220  

Interpersonal Conflict Management  

HCOM 235(GE)  

Essentials of Argumentation  

HCOM 300  

Introduction to Research in Comm  

HCOM 304  

Human Comm  

HCOM 305  

Digital Media Litearcy  

HCOM 307  

Intro to Comm and Critial/Cultural Studies  

HCOM 308  

Quantitative Research Methods  

HCOM 310  

Sex Comm  

HCOM 313  

Interpersonal Comm Theory  

HCOM 315  

Social Media & Comm  

HCOM 320  

Intercultural Comm  

HCOM 326  

Organizational Comm Dynamics  

HCOM 330  

Rhetoric of Popular Culture  

HCOM 332  

Processes of Social Influence  

HCOM 333  

Comm in Business and the Professions  

HCOM 342 (GE)  

America Speaks  

HCOM 370  

Sport Comm  

HCOM 413  

Comm  in Interpersonal Relationships  

HCOM 415  

Sem Digital Media & Culture  

HCOM 420  

Comm Theory  

HCOM 425  

Health Comm  

HCOM 428  


HCOM 432  

Contemporary Rhetoric  

HCOM 433  

Training & Development  

HCOM 440

The Dark Side of Interpersonal Comm

HCOM 456  

Intercultural Conflict: Theory & Practice