Robert Meeds


Professor Robert Meeds

Department | Communications

Phone | (657) 278-2177

Email |

Office | CP 460-05

Degree and University | Ph.D in Journalism, University of Missouri

Teaching Areas | Advertising, Public Relations, Core

Robert Meeds, Ph.D., joined Cal State Fullerton as an associate professor in 2015. Previously, he held faculty positions at Kansas State University, Texas Tech University and Qatar University. Meeds has a BS degree in journalism and an MA in English, both from Ball State University, and a PhD in journalism from the University of Missouri. His teaching areas are in advertising and integrated marketing communications.

Meeds’ research focuses on how changes in the ways advertising copy is written influence what consumers notice, learn, think and feel. His research articles have been published in the International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Newspaper Research Journal, Journal of Middle East Media, and other academic journals. Before joining academe, Meeds worked as a graphic designer and newspaper advertising director.