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Department of Communications

COMM Week Kick-off Event 2022

The Communications Department kicked-off COMM Week on Thursday, April 21, 2022.

by Annisa Charles

On Thursday, April 21, the Communications Department kicked-off COMM Week 2022 in the Becker Amphitheater on campus. AD Club, Titan Radio, Tusk Magazine and COMM Week table were set up to pass out goodies and host games. Students were given stamp cards, for the opportunity to win free In-n-Out burgers and enter a raffle for goodie-bags full of snacks and apparel.

Titan Radio DJed the event, Tusk Magazine passed out their 2021 edition of their magazine and informed people of upcoming events happening, AD Club explained why people should join their club, and the COMM Week table informed students about the importance of COMM Week. They explained what COMM Week is, when it is taking place, and where the events will be hosted.