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Department of Communications

James Jordan Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement


James Jordan Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement

Amelia Alim

Amelia Alim, Advertising

Amelia Rahi Alim is an outstanding Communications/ Advertising student. She’s task-oriented, coachable, results-driven, cooperative, passionate, and always looking to learn more. While a full-time student at CSUF, she works at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a shift leader and an intern at The Windmill. In the classroom and workplace, she displays her skills in leadership. Moreover, in the Advertising Campaigns - Capstone course, she serves as an Account Executive and plays a key role in developing a creative brief and utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research to generate insights for crafting an advertising campaign for the brand Happy Memories Don't Die. Amelia’s known to bring great energy, support, and creativity to her teams. Additionally, she manages a small business selling custom-made canvases on her social media profile in her spare time. Within her one year at CSUF, she’s built long-lasting and meaningful relationships with her Professors. Alongside this, her dedication to her education is demonstrated by her consistency on Dean's List with straight A’s. All in all, Amelia is an entrepreneurial-minded individual who desires to build a foundation in advertisement/marketing where she’s able to utilize her creative skills in both written/ verbal communication and leadership.