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Department of Communications

AdClub spring kick-off

by: Jaelynn Wright

AdClub spring kick-off

AdClub's spring kick-off event included alum alyssa Gentry, who informed students about the advertising world (Photo credit: Jaelynn Wright)

Cal State Fullerton’s AdClub hosted its spring 2024 kick-off event on Feb. 7. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as students gathered to gain knowledge about the club and valuable insights into the advertising world. 


This event was memorable because of a remarkable guest speaker, Alyssa Gentry, a CSUF alum whose dynamic personality and wealth of experience left a lasting impression.


Gentry, now a seasoned professional, captured the audience's attention from the moment she stepped to the podium. Her vivacious, lively demeanor was engaging and informative. One of the key takeaways from her sharing was the importance of curiosity, asking questions, and being bold. She encouraged students to challenge the status quo and pursue their ideas fearlessly.


The event was further enhanced by the delightful catering provided by In-N-Out Burger. The delicious aroma of freshly grilled burgers and fries created an atmosphere where students could mingle and share their enthusiasm for the club.


As the meeting drew to a close, many expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming AdClub meetings, eager to delve deeper into the world of advertising and forge meaningful connections with people within the industry.