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Department of Communications

BCU and NABJ spring kick-off event

by: Jaelynn Wright

BCU and NABJ spring kick-off event

BCU and NABJ brought a sense of community for Black students through their spring kick-off event (Photo credit: Jaelynn Wright)

California State Fullerton’s Black CommUnity (BCU) and the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) had their spring kick-off event on Thursday, Feb. 8. The event sent waves of excitement through communications students as they rejoiced in catching up with friends and embracing the return to campus life after winter break. 


With loads of pizza and snacks, tons of laughter echoing around the room and an abundance of joy, the event marked a spirited beginning for the new semester. For many, this event was a joyous reunion with familiar faces. For others, it was a chance to seek new connections and immerse themselves in the vibrant campus community.


“My favorite part of attending this event was seeing all the people who looked like me all in one room. I could feel the love. I also enjoyed networking with everyone and adding the new people I met on Instagram,” said CSUF student Sumiayah Etchison.


The sense of community is essential for the Black community on CSUF campus, so having BCU and NABJ come together to hold this event is great for fostering a sense of belonging and unity among students. While this event was for students in the Communications Department, students from the College of Business also showed up and enjoyed the commodity. 


As the event came to a close, there was a collective feeling of optimism in the air. Students departed the event with anticipation for the journey that lies ahead for the rest of the semester.