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Alum Spotlight: Elyssa Ruiz

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Ruiz was PRSSA's VP of Professional Development and graduated in 2022.

by Marlen Sanchez

Elyssa Ruiz, a graduate of 2022 who majored in Communications PRSSA; whose journey from student to successful professional is an inspiring tale of dedication, hard work and seizing opportunities. 


Currently serving as a Publicity and Branding Coordinator at Impact24 Public Relations, Ruiz’s path to her dream job began as an intern during her undergraduate years at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). Her internship provided invaluable hands-on experience, where she learned practical skills like writing email pitches and press release announcements, as well as anticipating the needs of clients and managers. 


Ruiz’s involvement in the PRSSA played a pivotal role in securing her internship at Impact24. As the VP of Professional Development for PRSSA, she organized panels featuring industry professionals, which led to networking opportunities and ultimately, her internship offer.


Reflecting on her proudest accomplishments, Ruiz highlights her involvement in impactful campaigns, such as the Costume Designers Guild Pay Equity Movement and the publicity campaign for the film "The Zone of Interest." These experiences have showcased her creativity and dedication and allowed her to collaborate with industry professionals and make a meaningful impact. 


Offering advice to current students and recent graduates, Ruiz emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the entertainment industry and showcasing passion through social media. She encourages aspiring professionals to join relevant organizations, network with others in the field and continuously build their portfolios.


As she continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, her journey exemplifies the power of dedication, networking and passion in pursuing a successful career. 


Your career does not start when you get your first job, you can start your career now!” Ruiz said


With her guidance and inspiration, future professionals can embark on their own paths to success in the world of public relations and entertainment.