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Alum Spotlight: Gianna Horvath

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Horvath graduated with an emphasis in advertising in 2023.

by Kelsey Teague

Gianna Horvath graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2023 where she received her bachelor’s in communications with an emphasis in advertising and also received a photo communications certificate.


Her time at CSUF was busy and fun. Horvath said she wasn’t as involved in clubs and activities on campus as she could’ve been because of COVID-19. However, Horvath did find her calling when she started working on Tusk Magazine. She explained that because of the magazine, she was able to experience her first role as a photographer in a professional setting. Gianna loved working with the photo director at the time and had a lot of fun collaborating with graphic designers. Horvath’s favorite part of working on the magazine was getting creative with the shoots.


After graduation, Gianna started working as the marketing and community content coordinator at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. She was privileged to lead photoshoots and collaborate with local brands and creators for events. She also ran all three Instagram accounts associated with the hotel.


Gianna emphasized how important it is for her to collaborate with other creative minds. At the Ace Hotel she was surrounded by many people she had partnerships with and was immersed in a diverse and inclusive workplace she loved.


Gianna stressed how important making connections is. She said the main reason she could explore many of her opportunities was because of the connections and community she had built around her.


Another piece of advice from Gianna is to apply for a job even if you don’t think you are qualified for the position. She says to let the employer determine whether or not you are qualified for the position and that there is no harm in trying.


When Gianna was asked about the stress of trying to find a job right after college, she had a fresh perspective about it. She says that if you have the means, take a mental break after you graduate. If you can, take your time and find something that fits you best.


After learning that Ace Hotel would be closing its doors and struggling to find another job in Los Angeles, Horvath says she really lucked out with the job she is at now. Currently, Horvath is working for an e-commerce jewelry brand run by one of Cal State Fullerton’s own, Megan Fleenor.


Gianna is still doing marketing and community but is now doing it for Unlucky Wishes. She says she loves watching Megan Fleenor and the brand grow. She enjoys working for someone who has the same values as she does and she says it is easier for her to work for a brand that she can relate to.


Horvath is also getting creative with her own bakery called Gigi Bake Oven. In five years, she doesn’t see herself doing traditional advertising. She also wants to create more partnerships and expand her bakery.