Why Should I Major in Communication Studies?


Today’s careers require the ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing and to understand how communication works within a variety of contexts.  Our diverse, rapidly-changing society rewards those who can communicate effectively with consumers, clients, and others across cultural boundaries.  Whether a communication studies practitioner or instructor, a B.A. degree in Communication Studies prepares you for success.  Our department offers:

Outstanding Faculty – Our faculty is committed to quality instruction and learning.  You will learn theories and principles as well as practical applications that are the foundations for communication effectiveness.

 Flexibility – The degree provides flexibility in selecting your courses that will prepare you best for you professional career or for graduate school.

Commitment to Students – The department values its students and treats them accordingly.  You will be able to work with your advisor to design a program that meets your individual needs.  Our faculty work diligently to make sure you have a rich learning experience as you progress through the program.

Dynamic Students – Students who select Communication Studies as their major are enthusiastic, energetic, and committed to education.  This orientation makes for a college experience that is as enjoyable as it is valuable.